Vendor Bender Hours
                     Saturday 9am-7pm                   


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Dealer Booths will include: 10' x 10' booth space, one (1) 8' table and two (2) weekend badges.

Electrical access, Extra tables,  and internet access will require additional fees of $25 each. 


Dealer Hall Booth $50*
Dealer Hall Corner Booth $60*

*Prices do NOT include Growtix fee & taxes

Be aware that all dealers and artists are responsible for applying all applicable state sales taxes to their own profits. We expect compliance with all laws regarding intellectual property and reserve the right to ban entire product lines which are known to be forged or bootleg versions of original products.

​Food Sales

Food sales are not allowed. This is the venue’s policy and has nothing to do with Conapalooza.


No bullying, disrespect, or harassment of any kind towards other vendors, attendees or convention staff. Violation of this will result in automatic expulsion from the convention.


All Exhibitors are fully and solely responsible for their property and merchandise during the course of the event. Conapalooza is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. The dealers room and artist alley will be locked after close.


Per the venue, our convention is responsible for removing any trash left behind in the dealer’s room/artist alley. Please deposit your trash in specified areas accordingly. This includes cardboard boxes, plastic wrapping, etc.


Dealers are expected to have their tables open and manned for the extent of the convention. No early shutdowns.

​Adult Content

Conapalooza is a Family Friendly Convention before 9pm each day. If you are selling 18+ merchandise please display it tastefully. If a member of venue staff asks you to stop selling or remove any adult merchandise please do so.

​Other Rules and Regulations

The following is a list of rules to which a dealer/artist must adhere to during Conapalooza. The Vendor Director reserves the right to make changes or exceptions and add rules as they see fit. Anyone found to be in violation of these rules will receive a warning and further violations will result in expulsion from the convention. If problems continue, further steps will be taken.

1. Have your badge on your person at all times during convention hours.

2. No exchanging tables or booths to a second party.

3. All displays must be secure and safe to avoid potential injury while applying to all fire codes.

4. No dealer/artist may display outside of their purchased, designated space.

5. Displays with adhesive, thumbtacks, etc. which could cause damage to the venue are not permitted. Goffer, painters or electrical tape may be used to secure things to the floor as long as no damage will happen upon removal. Absolutely nothing may be secured to the wall.

6. Noxious fumes (from paint, t-shirt presses, etc.) or excessively loud noise (from televisions, stereos, etc.) is not allowed. Please respect the health and rights of the people around you. Music can be played at a low volume.

7. While inside the dealers/artists room, you are expected to act in a respectable manner.

8. Any artist accepting commissions that require a live model must conduct these commissions in a way that does not disrupt the flow of traffic and/or other artist, dealers or attendees.

9. Please reasonably clean and organize your area. This includes cardboard boxes and other trash.

10. Adult material is to be displayed in non-offensive and tasteful manner.

11. Be sure to check each attendees ID to assure that they are of age before selling or presenting adult materials.

12. Bootlegs: We expect compliance with all laws regarding intellectual property and reserve the right to ban entire product lines which are known to be forged or bootleg versions of original products. If you are found to be selling bootlegs at the convention you will be ejected from the convention with no refund.

13. NO commercial booths. Examples include: home renovations, real estate, cell phones, or anything not geek related. Final decisions on this will go before the Conapalooza board. We reserve the right to refuse any business. 

14. Non refundable or transferable unless event is canceled. 

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