Prepare to sing your heart out...
or at least pretend to!
Enter our Lip Sync Battle for a chance at the Title Belt!!
  1. We will be taking the first 10 acts to apply.

  2. You must send us a link/download of the music you would like to use.

  3. If in a team, you must be no more than 4 members.

  4. You must provide all of your own costumes and props, and they must be within our convention weapons and costume guidelines.  

  5. You may only be in ONE act.

  6. There will be a 4 minute time limit on each act.

  7. Your song may run under 4 minutes, but if it runs over it will be faded out.  

  8. All songs must be in good taste! This is NOT a late night event, and should remain within a PG-13 rating.  

  9. This is an “audience decided win” event. Hosts are there for comic relief and commentary.

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