What Is Conapalooza?

Conapalooza is a Pop Culture and Gaming Convention located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in beautiful Kingsport, TN. Our goal is to bring something new to the Tri-Cities area. We want to bring together Comics, Cosplay, Gaming, Horror, Anime, Kids Programming, Contests, and even after 9pm 18 + Adult only programing, and much much more!


Our Mission Statement

Conapalooza is a fan-owned and fan-operated convention by a group of friends from the tri-cities area. Our primary goal is to create a fun, safe environment for staff, guests, and attendees alike and to once a year host an awesome convention for all. Conapalooza is a family, and we strive to maintain that bond, treating everyone as brothers and sisters… not as business assets. We do our best to bring you, the attendee, the most bang for your buck by booking lots of quality guests and planning fun and interactive activities and events all in a nice spacious venue so you can enjoy your time with your old friends and make new ones. 

Weapons Policy

1. Any and all weapons/props must be approved by Conapalooza Security and zip tied, tagged or peace bonded upon entry.
2. Real firearms are NOT allowed on premises period, working, disabled or otherwise. Other projectile weapons are permissible but cannot be loaded.
3. Bladed metal weapons (sharp or not) must be stored in a sheath or scabbard and secured to your body at all times and never held in your hand. This includes larger weapons such as swords, katanas, scythes, etc. Smaller bladed weapons such as throwing stars and kunai are exempt from the sheath policy but must still be secured to your body.
4. At no time may any weapon or prop come in contact with another person or another person’s weapon (aka sparring) regardless of their prior level of consent.
5. Oversize prop items (Hareley's Hammer, giant gourds, etc.) may be regulated in specific areas to preserve the flow of foot traffic or the safety of others.
6. All firearm replicas and/or Airsoft weapons must have a “blaze orange” tipped barrel at all times (including during all cosplay events) in compliance with federal and state laws.
7. Flammable materials such as flash powder or fireworks are prohibited.
8. If you perceive a situation in which you do not feel you can comply with these regulations, or witness a violation thereof, you are encouraged to immediately alert the nearest Conapalooza representative.
9. Should any member of the staff belonging to the venue currently housing Conapalooza ask you to discontinue a particular action involving a weapon or to remove it from the premises, do so immediately.
10. Conapalooza reserves the right to confiscate any weapon, replica or Airsoft device that has been misused and to eject any individual who does not comply with the above policies at any time. We are not obligated to issue warnings concerning violations of these policies. Any infraction can/will result in the fullest penalty available expulsion from the premises and the convention.

11. Hate symbols, even historical hate symbols like swastikas, will not be tolerated.

12.  Cover your body parts. "No costume" is not a costume.

13. All military, law enforcement, and other emergency service costumes should be easily distinguishable from official uniforms.

Anti Harassment Policy: Cosplay is NOT Consent!

Conapalooza enforces a strict “no harassment” policy. We want to bevery proud of the polite behavior our attendees demonstrate and we are sure that you will all act so amazing towards each other. Our worry is those few people that don’t care about everyone else’s good time. This policy applies to everyone present at the convention: attendees, staff, guests, vendors, etc. 

Here are some examples of things that are considered to be harassment and will result in your expulsion and possibly a lifetime ban from Conapalooza. Harassment is anything that makes someone else significantly  uncomfortable; this includes but is not limited to:

  • Taking pictures without permission.

  • Encroaching on personal space and/or boundaries.

  • Physical assault or battery.

  • Unwelcome physical attention.

  • Sustained disruption of panels, signings, and/or other events.

  • Inappropriate touching of anyone at the convention.

  • Touching someone without their permission.

  • Destruction of someone’s costume.

  • Stalking.

  • Intimidation.

  • Bathroom policing.

  • Inappropriate language to any attendees, staff, guests or convention center staff. 

  • Disrespectful or rude behavior.

  • Threats.

If you feel as though you are being harassed or have witnessed harassment, please do not hesitate to tell a staff member immediately! Prompt and immediate action helps us to better solve the problem.

If necessary, we will contact local law enforcement, provide escort, offer a safe place or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to make sure they feel safe for the duration of Conapalooza. It is our goal to creative a safe and fun environment for our attendees. 

Convention Rules

Before attending the convention, please read the rules below. These rules are simple and easy to follow. They exist to ensure that everybody attending, appearing at, and running Conapalooza have a safe and happy time.

1. Follow the Golden Rule! Just remember that everyone is here to have a good time. We want you have fun with fellow fans. We ask that you be courteous, polite and inoffensive (remember that we are an all-ages show before 9pm).  Bullying or harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated. All Conapalooza staff reserves the right to ask you to leave the convention and refuse to refund your membership money if you are behaving inappropriately. Cosplay is not consent. Ask before touching or photographing your fellow attendees.

2. Obey the weapon and cosplay policies! They are available for you to view on this page. I didn’t read it is NOT an acceptable excuse. Please no clowning around or showing off in the common areas. Any weapon used in an offensive or potentially dangerous manner will be confiscated. We expect you to use your best judgment and common sense. If your cosplay does not adhere to the cosplay policy you will be asked to change.

3. Please do not destroy hotel or convention center property. Meadowview has kindly allowed us to rent from them, we don’t want them to regret this decision. This helps to ensure that Conapalooza is invited back in coming years so that we can continue to produce a fun and affordable convention.

4. You must wear your membership badge  at all times to be admitted to any convention function. It’s not fair to you if someone sneaks in for free. Keeping your badge visible allows staff to know right away that you are not a stowaway.

5. Conapalooza is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property, or for injuries sustained during the course of the convention days. We will have a lost and found, but we suggest that you don’t lose items in the first place.

6. Conapalooza and approved members of the press may take photographs or videos of attendees. We will use these for promotion or publication. When purchasing a badge you are inherently granting permission for this. However, those who are not staff or press are not allowed to take photographs or videos of other attendees without their permission first.

7. Per the hotels rules no outside food or drink is allowed to be brought into the convention center.

8. Only service animals are allowed in the convention center. No other animals are allowed inside the convention center for any reason.

9. Please do NOT tape or use other adhesives on the walls of the convention center. This even applies to painters tape.

10. Body paint … please be careful if your cosplay includes body paint. Properly seal your body makeup and be respectful of others. Do not damage merchandise or convention center or hotel property, this includes furniture. Do not get into the hotel pool or hot tub with body paint. If you are damaging property with your paint, you will be asked to take it off or leave.

11. Only smoke or use tobacco products in designated areas.

12. Our venue has a no pets rule. Only service animals are allowed.

*Conapalooza reserves the right to change these rules at anytime for any reason*

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